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About Us

About Us and Our Crafters

We are located literally minutes from Holmes County, Ohio which is one of the centers of Amish country. We have built relationships with a number of these local builders and finishers that are dedicated to using quality materials, to produce long lasting heirloom Amish furnishings.  We at Four Seasons Furnishings are dedicated to providing quality built solid hardwood furnishings that are made in the USA at a reasonalbe price. The majority of our pieces are made to order, and usually the lead time till shipping is 2-4 weeks, depending on the piece. There are so many stain options, wood species, that to keep all in stock would be cost prohibitive for any shop. The Four Seasons Furnishings team has a total experience of over 49 years in the furniture production and sales industry and a dedication to providing customer satisfaction. So order a product from us or try out our lines of outdoor furniture and we will guarantee you will be satisfied with our service and dedication to providing high class customer service that matches the quality of our products.

Most of our Amish craftsmen do not have personal telephones to receive phone calls or personal computers to receive email so we make frequent trips to Amish country to help keep a watchful eye on quality, check on orders and are constantly looking and adding new and unique items to our site so check back often. All of our Amish furnishings are 100% solid hardwoods and are handcrafted in the USA using proven crafting methods that provide our customers with heirloom quality furnishings that will last for lifetimes to come with little care each week. We select only manufacturers from this group that can pass our builder selection process. Four Seasons Furnishings does the rigorous job of weeding out the lesser craftsmen and establishes close relationships with the superior crafters that can deliver consistent products and services that demonstrate professionalism and the drive to being world class Amish furnishings craftsmen.

So whether you are looking for Amish Furnishings in Oak hardwood, Amish furnishings in Maple hardwood, or Amish furnishings in Cherry hardwood, we have selected pieces that have numerous options for you to choose from and are continually adding items we think you would be interested in displaying and utilizing in your home. We are currently adding more stain options and more species to choose from and if you see something somewhere else just send us a picture or drawing and we can have a quote sent back to you in 2 days depending on the item. Our Amish craftsmen utilize building techniques including mortis and tenon joints, dovetail joints, and tongue and grove joints just to list a few. Every project uses different methods of securing the components together and that method is chosen by the Amish craftsmen to provide the most strength and durability possible.

Our Amish craftsmen always take great care in choosing the right wood for their project. Although Oak is a predominate choice in constructing most pieces because of price and strength they also use Maple, Cherry, Black Walnut, Hickory, Pine, and Cedar. Oak is the most cost effective and strongest of the woods and Maple comes in second for the same traits. Amish craftsmen are widely known for their high quality beautiful heirloom furnishings. But because they only use solid hardwoods the pieces they create are durable, strong, and last for many generations. Not only do our Amish craftsmen use 100% quality solid hardwoods, their craftsmanship has no equal in our world where everything on the market is mass-manufactured in factories worldwide. Most of the imported Amish-style copies are made from particle board and veneers and end up in the local landfill within a few years.

While some of our Amish craftsmen heed to the no commercial electricity rule, and almost all won't have internet capabilities, or in-house telephones, or fax machines. This makes for interesting communication logistics.....taking orders to them physically, or by way of fax services in the area, or even snail-mail....but we don't mind, as we are close enough to them that it really doesn't matter. Many of our shops will use diesel engines to generate their own electricity, or to power central shafts and pulleys to power hydraulic or pneumatic tools to produce their fine furnishings. Also some of our Amish craftsmen have converted to alternative energy that is controlled by them and are using boilers to produce steam that is recirculated to heat their buildings and dry-kilns contributing to a greener environment. All of the wood that they purchase is from US regulated forests or from locally harvested forests that are regulated for replanting an American renewable resource.