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Amish Wooden Double tilt-out Trash Bin

This cabinet measures 27" wide, 17" deep and 30" tall, and is the most economical of our double tilt-out lines of Amish Trash bins. Two 9 gallon cans behind one door with soft-closer. We are now offering a "Pull out" option along side the tilt out. With the Pull out option, the door pulls out like a drawer,giving us a little more head-room in the cabinet, allowing us to put 2, 13 gal. trash cans inside as opposed to the 2, 9 gal. ones in the tilt out style. So if you need a bit more capacity, you may want to consider this option. Since this style normally would cause the cabinet to tilt forward when the cans are full, we have overcome this with a special caster wheel fixed to the front bottom of the pull out drawer to keep this from happening when there is weight in the cans. (shown in the images to the left).
Manufacturer: Four Seasons Furnishing
SKU: 9464-MM
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Choose this, The most economical of our double tilt-out lines of Amish Trash bins, yet with the same beauty of fine cabinetry that the larger ones have.  This Amish Double tiltout Wooden trash bin comes with two 9 gallon trash cans, and a soft-closer for the door so it doesn't slam closed. Available in Oak, Maple, and Cherry, and finished in any of our Ohio Certified Stain Colors.

The measurements for this piece are: 27" wide, 17" deep, and 30" high.