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Appliance Center

Our Amish made Appliance Center stands 58" high, 30" wide, and 18 3/4" deep. It features a "pull-out shelf" in the middle for a convenient place for a coffee maker with a counter-top surface for easy cleaning, and a pullout trash bin.
Manufacturer: Four Seasons Furnishing

A great addition to anyone’s Kitchen, Office breakroom, or a Doctors’ waiting room. Everything stored efficiently in one place. Place your microwave on the top, a convenient drawer for utensils, a pull-out trash bin, and an adjustable shelf storage area behind a cabinet door,for those larger items you’d expect to use with this appliance center. Please note that the middle shelf pulls out for ease of making a pot of coffee or cleaning.   Another feature is the power strip mounted to the bottom of the top shelf (above the coffee-maker).

The dimensions are: 30" wide, 18 3/4" deep and 58" high.

A discreet hole is bored in the back to allow for those cords that need to be routed behind the unit so there are no unsightly cords showing "over the top, or around the side".

For a cost to deliver to your home, give us a call at 330-949-6183, or email us so we can determine from your zip code, which of our 5 furniture delivery services would best accomodate your location. Depending where you live, we try to arrange delivery "into" your home,(some of our delivery men do this) but we may need to deliver "curbside" where you would need to remove from the truck and bring indoors. Curbside is generally the least expensive, but if you are unable do this, it may be worth the extra cost of having it delivered indoors.

Phone:330-949-6183  Fax:330-498-1017

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