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Four Seasons Furnishings Christmas 2017

For the purchasing of Amish furniture on line, It's Christmas time already! This has been a different kind of year in furniture made by the Amish craftsmen......typically, somewhere after March the sales drop as the Christmas buying season closes, as orders are filled (even the late ones) and the customers that were gifted with cash, have spent on whatever they didn't get for Christmas, and have received that as well.  Then the attention goes immediately to the outdoor furniture and the spring/summer.  But this past year hasn't been typical. Most of the shops have been going pretty much full tilt all year, and right now the lead times for a lot of our pieces, are 8-10 weeks instead of 3-4 or even 6-8 weeks......What that means is that the Christmas rush needs to start a bit earlier than in the past.

We've generally told our customers they could order up into early November and still be relatively sure they would receive their order in time for the 25th. My advice today is that if you want a piece, particularly a larger item or cabinet, you need to order by mid to late October to have that same assurance.

This really has been really a good thing for our Amish friends. Not just financially, although I'm sure they don't mind that extra cash...but it show-cases their way of life, and how they pass the ability and talents down generation to generation no matter the political climate. So when the major furniture manufacturers closed their plants down, layed off their skilled labor-force these many years ago....for the pursuit of higher profits, then now have decided to come back.....the only source of talented woodworkers were by in large located right here in Ohio. We are proud to have been representing their products in our store these past 7 years. The men who build for us are our friends, they stand behind their products and we stand behind them.

When you whince a bit at the cost of shipping to your home, whether by Fedex or one of our furniture haulers, please remember you won't be assembling your cabinets, magazine tables or any other of our hardwood furniture offerings......and the cost of shipping is not reflected in the purchase price unless we offer free shipping when we receive a deal on the shipping, and we pass that to you. Our profits are from the product, not the shipping.

We will do our best to give you the best service, and best quality possible. Each piece is inspected just before it ships as our last line of defense. From time to time a problem is found.....We'd rather have you upset for lateness that receive something you do not like.

All this is to say we look forward to serving you this fall/winter season to the best of our ability.

Happy early Christmas!