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Four Seasons Furnishing

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4 Bottle Wine Shelf and Stemware Rack

This Great Wallmount piece, shown in Brown Maple, finished in OCS 230 Onyx stain, measures 19 1/2" wide, 12" deep, and is 17 1/4" tall. Fastens to the wall with two 3" Screws spaced 16" on center to match typical wall studs for the necessary strength to hold 4 bottles of wine and 4 stems. Is available in 6 wood species,including Rustic cherry, and Rustic quarter-sawn white oak that are so popular, and all our Ohio Certified Stain choices. Is also available with a mirror behind the stems.

Acorn Youth Chair

Acorn Youth Chair

Amish built Saddle Bar Stool

Amish built solid oak,maple,cherry Saddle Bar Stool

Amish Built Swivel Saddle Bar Stool

Designed for comfort and ease of use first, the Swivel makes getting in and out of tight places much easier than having to "scoot" out to exit...with the swivel, just rotate around, and stand up.

Amish built Wall mount Solid Wood Stemware Rack

This simple but elegant Stemware rack is 25 1/4" wide, 10 3/4" deep, and 3 1/2" tall. Holds 15-18 stemwares depending on their sizes, and made sturdy with 3/4" thick hardwoods that are offered. Designed for weight of wine bottles on the shelf above the stemware. Holes are spaced 16" apart to allow mounting into wall studs.Take advantage of our offer of $10 off the purchase price. Enter the discount code 72016 into the discount code box in the shopping cart. We also frequently receive requests for different lengths and depths to accomodate space requirements, so give us a call for a custom quote at 330-949-6183.

Amish Double Trash Bin with Drawer

This Design works perfect for recycling with 2, 9 gallon waste cans (provided) so you can separate that plastic from paper, and both behind just one soft close door! It measures 27" wide, 17" deep, 35" tall. Free shipping with this piece!

Amish made Jewelry Armoire - 7 drawer - 2 door

Skillfully crafted, this 7 drawer jewelry chest with "wings" on each side that open for storing necklaces.... measures 21" wide, 9"deep, and 18" tall. Shown here in red oak, is also available in Maple, Cherry, Hickory, quarter-sawn W.Oak.

Amish made Mini-Tiltout trash bin

Measuring 22 1/2" tall, 17 1/2" wide, and 10 1/2" deep, this smallest of our line of Tilt-outs comes with a 5 gallon plastic can. Use it next to your desk, in your bathroom, bedroom, in your break room next to your coffee station, next to your make-up table. It also features a handsome raised panel door,and is available in R.Oak, Maple, Cherry, Hickory and rustic Cherry. And your choice of many of our Ohio Certified Stain choices.

Amish made wooden Slim-line tilt-out Trash bin

Featured here, in beautiful Oak with a Harvest stain. Notice also the Darker Asbury stain on Oak. It Measures 22 1/2” wide,14 1/2” deep,and stands 37”tall. This cabinet comes with a 10 gallon plastic trash can included.

Amish Mission Wall Clock

Our Amish made Mission Wall Clock measures 21" high, 15" wide, and 6" deep. Though it is a wall clock, it will easily sit on a mantle. It runs on a "C" battery, and comes with a 5 year warranty. It's features include a Dual chime movement, chimes Westminster or Whittington, chimes every 1/4 hour,Volume control and night silencer for those light sleepers among us. In stock in most finishes for a fast, and free, delivery.

Amish Rope Wall Clock

This elegant time piece measures 30" tall, 12 1/4" wide, and 6" deep. This clock is available in "Quartz"(runs on one"C"battery) or "Windup" (8 day Keywind) Features of the Quartz: Brass color dial, Lyre Pendulum, Dual Chime Movement, chimes Westminster or Whittington, chimes every 1/4 hour,volume control and night silencer. Features of the Windup: Brass color dial, German made Hermle movement, chimes Westminster, Chimes every 1/4 hour, and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Amish Single Door Pie Safe

Tall and slender, This Oak Cabinet shown here in a beautiful OCS 101 S-2 finish, measures: 20 1/8" wide, 16 1/2" deep, and 46" tall. Great for those spaces that are made for just this sort of cabinet....yet large enough for any pies you would bake!

Amish Tilt Out Trash Bin with a Drawer

Solid Oak,Maple,Cherry tilt out trash bin with a drawer

Amish Waterfall Chest

Waterfall Hope or Blanket Chest

Amish Wooden Double tilt-out Trash Bin

This cabinet measures 27" wide, 17" deep and 30" tall, and is the most economical of our double tilt-out lines of Amish Trash bins. Two 9 gallon cans behind one door with soft-closer. We are now offering a "Pull out" option along side the tilt out. With the Pull out option, the door pulls out like a drawer,giving us a little more head-room in the cabinet, allowing us to put 2, 13 gal. trash cans inside as opposed to the 2, 9 gal. ones in the tilt out style. So if you need a bit more capacity, you may want to consider this option. Since this style normally would cause the cabinet to tilt forward when the cans are full, we have overcome this with a special caster wheel fixed to the front bottom of the pull out drawer to keep this from happening when there is weight in the cans. (shown in the images to the left).

Antique Shelf Clock

Amish made, with a Quartz Duel Chime, volume control and night time silencer.

Appliance Center

Our Amish made Appliance Center stands 58" high, 30" wide, and 18 3/4" deep. It features a "pull-out shelf" in the middle for a convenient place for a coffee maker with a counter-top surface for easy cleaning, and a pullout trash bin.

Ball Glove Shelf

Holds a Baseball, Bat, and Glove... What a great gift for your son or daughter to hang on their bedroom wall.

Bow Youth Chair

Bow Youth Chair

Bread and Vegetable 2 Door bin

Our 2 Door bread and vegetable bins are 36" tall, and measure 16 1/2" wide, and 10 1/2" deep. Shown here in a 2-tone finish (White Sand with Boston top), but available in all MX, Black, or all Boston. Other colors available upon request. Take advantage of our free shipping!