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Four Seasons Furnishing

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Ball Glove Shelf

Holds a Baseball, Bat, and Glove... What a great gift for your son or daughter to hang on their bedroom wall.

Solid Wood narrow Mail Organizer 3 Tier

Store your mailing envelopes, mail going out, or incoming. Just the right size for letters and bills.

Solid Oak Lazy Susan with Spindle Rail and Napkin Holder 12" or 14"

Solid Oak Lazy Susan with Spindle Rail and Napkin Holder placed in the center of 12" or 14"sizes.

Lazy Susan w/napkin holder on the side

Lazy Susan w/napkin holder on the side shown here in 14" Oak Fruitwood stain. overall height is approximately 5 1/2" and is available in 12", 16", and 18" diameters.

Solid Oak Lazy Susan with Spindle Rail

Solid Oak Round, Apple or Heart shaped Lazy susan that stands about 4 5/8" high from counter top to top of spindle rail. Offered in 12", 14", 16" and 18" diameters.

Wall Mount Solid Wood Wine Rack

Wall Mount Solid Oak,Maple,Cherry Wine Rack

Doll Cradle

Choose this doll cradle for your little one. She will enjoy hours of play time with this quality Oak piece, built to last for generations.

Solid Oak Flip Top Small Trash Bin

Because of it's compact size, it is a great choice for the bathroom, or your bedroom....under or next to vanities, desks.

Solid Wood Mail Organizer 3 Tier Vertical Wall Mount

On wall next to your desk, or inside the door from your mail box.Place your incoming or outgoing mail here instead of laying it on the table or counter!

Doll High Chair

This will make your little girl happy as she spends hours playing with this great classic solid oak Doll accessory that is made for years of enjoyment.

Solid Oak Stackable Wine Rack

Great for under the cabinets in the kitchen or placed on top of your wine table.

Solid Wood Amish built Bar Stool Destiny Style 24"

Simple design, but so attractive. Most of all, comfortable. This 24" high bar stool stores easily under the counter to save space. The seat is "scooped" for a more comfortable fit.

Traditional Amish Bread Box

This particular Bread Box measures 9" tall, 16" wide and 11 1/2" deep. It is available in a solid color, where both top and bottom are same stain color, or a "2-tone" where the top is a different stain than the body. Also, available in a "Rustic" style, where the stain is rubbed on the corners, and no top coat finish to give it that "old" appearance as shown here in the image at the bottom right side with a Boston stain top and a White Sand body. Heirloom quality, and just the right size for any counter top.

Amish built Saddle Bar Stool

Amish built solid oak,maple,cherry Saddle Bar Stool

Solid oak,maple,or cherry Amish built Bar Stool Destiny Style 30"

Solid oak,maple,or cherry Amish built Bar Stool Destiny Style 30"

Solid Oak Stackable Stemware Rack

This stemware holder is either a stand-alone item holding 8-12 stems depending on the size of the stem. It also is designed to sit atop of the wine towers shown as an assembly. sold separately, so you may order the stemware top, and 2 of the wine bottle racks for a complete set as shown in the picture.

Solid Oak Magazine Rack End Table

Available in 20" and 28" heights. A perfect fit between 2 chairs, with access to magazines or newspapers from either side.

Amish built Wall mount Solid Wood Stemware Rack

This simple but elegant Stemware rack is 25 1/4" wide, 10 3/4" deep, and 3 1/2" tall. Holds 15-18 stemwares depending on their sizes, and made sturdy with 3/4" thick hardwoods that are offered. Designed for weight of wine bottles on the shelf above the stemware. Holes are spaced 16" apart to allow mounting into wall studs.Take advantage of our offer of $10 off the purchase price. Enter the discount code 72016 into the discount code box in the shopping cart. We also frequently receive requests for different lengths and depths to accomodate space requirements, so give us a call for a custom quote at 330-949-6183.

Vintage Amish Bread Box

This Vintage bread box made by one of our Amish Shops is one of our favorite styles. Measuring 13" tall, 19" wide and 11" deep, featuring a lid with a tin insert that really gives it the antique appearance so popular these days. The tin inserts for the lids are available in two patterns....Wheat or Willow tree, and your choice of Copper, or a silver/gray tin color shown in a couple images to the left.
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