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Luxcraft Poly Gliders

Amish built, Luxcraft Poly Gliders have been some of the more popular products we've sold over the years. They have really placed the Poly line of outdoor furniture on the map so to speak, and we have shipped it all over the country to customers who have somehow learned about it from friends or relatives here in the Ohio area and then they go home and order. Customers from Texas, S. Florida,Minnesota, Up-state Wisconsin, Up-state New York as well as all along the east coast from Florida to Virginia Beach just to name a few.

Take a good look our selection, and don't forget there are now cushions available for them that are new and improved over even last years choices.

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LuxCraft Poly 2ft. Deluxe Adirondack Glider

This LuxCraft Poly Deluxe 2ft.Adirondack Glider measures 31" wide,30" deep, and 43" tall. The Ultra-smooth glides make for a comfortable rocking motion...and this year, Luxcraft introduces another color to choose from... Antique Mahogany. (shown to the left) It has a couple unique characteristics you might really enjoy. It has the look and feel of real wood. We think it will be a hit this year. This glider is available in 18 Stock colors for fast & Free Shipping.

LuxCraft Poly 2ft. Deluxe Adirondack Swivel Glider

Our LuxCraft Poly 2ft.Deluxe Adirondack Swivel Glider is built for comfort....Ultra-smooth glides and a heavy-duty swivel are the keys. It is 31" wide, 30" deep, and 43" tall with a seat width and depth of 23" x 18" for plenty of room. New to the color selection this year is "Antique Mahogany" (shown to the left) and although it is made of Poly material, Luxcraft has added something special to this particular color selection....the look and feel of real wood. We think this will be a popular choice for many of our customers this year! Available in 12 stock colors for faster lead times when ordered, and Ships free.

LuxCraft Poly 4ft. Deluxe Adirondack Glider

This Luxcraft 4ft.Poly Glider measures 55" wide, 30" deep, and stands 43" tall. Seats 2 persons comfortably with a seat width of 48"x18"deep. Newly introduced this year is the color "Antique Mahogany". It's characteristics aren't just the color...but also the look and texture of real wood. Shown here to the left, we think this will be a hit with our customers. Available in 18 stocked colors for faster free shipping.

LuxCraft Poly 5ft. Deluxe Adirondack Glider

Our Luxcraft poly 5ft. Adirondack glider now comes standard with a flip-down center console to hold a beverage or your favorite book. It measures 67 1/2" x 30" by 43" high, with a seat width of 60" it will comfortably seat 3 people with room to spare with the center console flipped up. New also, is the color "Antique Mahogany."(shown to the left) This new color also has the look and feel of real wood that we believe will be popular with our customers. This Glider comes in 18 Stock colors for shipping to your location, and ships for free.

LuxCraft Poly 2ft. Classic Highback Glider,

Presented here in Luxcraft's newest color, Antique Mahogany, that actually feels and looks like real wood. This 2ft.Classic Highback glider chair measures 31" wide 30" deep and 42" high. For your comfort, the seat width is 23" wide and 18" deep.Stocked in 18 colors for fast and free shipping.

LuxCraft Poly 4ft. Classic Highback Glider

Spacious seating for two, this glider has a seat width of 48" for your comfort. It's overall size is 55" x 30" x 43" High. Shown to the left in Luxcraft's latest color addition "Antique Mahogany" which also includes a new texture that has the look and feel of real wood. This piece is available in 18 ready to ship colors, and ships free.

LuxCraft Poly Classic Highback Glider 5ft

New this year with all Luxcraft's 5ft. gliders is a standard center console that flips down to hold your favorite beverage, seating 2. flip the console up and the glider seats 3 with room to spare with a total seat width of 60". The overall width is 67 1/2", 30" deep, and 42" high. A new color & texture is also available. It's called "Antique Mahogany" and it looks and feels like real wood.This glider is Available in 18 poly colors kept in stock for fast shipping, and ships free.

Luxcraft 2ft. Classic High-back Swivel Glider

This Luxcraft 2ft. Swivel Glider, shown here to the left in Cherrywood/Black, measures 31" wide, 30" deep, and 43" tall. It features a heavy duty swivel with ultra-smooth glides found in the finest quality gliders of this type. The seat itself measures 23" wide x 18" deep for added comfort, and is available now in 12 stocked colors for fast shipping. Included in those stock colors is a new one this year called "Antique Mahogany" that is unique in that it has the look and feel of real wood grain.(shown to the left, 2nd image) Shipping is free with this piece.

LuxCraft Poly Plain Rollback Glider 2ft

Available now in a new color, and a new Texture. Antique Mahogany. This poly material not only has a beautiful color, but has the look and feel of real wood....shown here to the left. Our Luxcraft poly rollback glider chair measures 31"wide, 30" deep, and 36" tall. The seat width is 23" wide, and 18" deep for your comfort. Comes in 12 stock color choices for fast shipping, and as always with our Luxcraft products, the shipping is free!

LuxCraft Poly Plain Rollback Glider 4ft

Simple design, maximum comfort, this 4'Glider is 55" wide, 30" deep and 36" tall with a seat width of 48", seating 2 persons comfortably with room to spare. We have a new color to add to the list that I'm sure will get attention this year. "Antique Mahogany".....but not just the color.....they put the texture of natural wood grain into the poly. It both looks and feels like real wood! We've shown one to the left of this description for you to view. Free shipping is offered with this glider

LuxCraft Poly Plain Rollback Glider 5ft

New this year is the flip down table that comes standard in the 5 ft. Gliders. Also, we have a new color that includes a wood like texture (shown left) called Antique Mahogany. Looks and feels like natural wood.....only it's Poly. This Glider seats 3 persons comfortably with room left over with the table in it's upright position,and measures 67 1/2" wide, 30" deep, and 36" tall. This is shipped free to you