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Shipping & Returns


Our shipping methods vary according to the piece ordered. For the items that are within the size/weight guidelines of FedEx, or UPS, we ship with them.

 For the products that are too large and/or heavy to qualify for this type of shipping, we must use a different method of delivery. These items require us to contact our furniture delivery outfits, which is why we instruct the customer to give us a call for a cost to deliver. We ask for your zip code and city so we know which of our men to call.  We have a number of excellent delivery services that we use. Between all of them, we have capability of shipping anywhere in the continental U.S., including Alaska & Hawaii as well as Canada. Those methods vary from a “curb service” where the delivery truck pulls up to your home or office, and you are responsible to unload and carry inside. This is generally the most economical, and works for those who have the help to do this, as the driver is not allowed. For those that aren’t able to do this, for additional fees you can add:

  • A truck with a lift gate to make unloading  a bit easier
  • Complete unload, bring inside and set up service


In many cases and in most of the continental U.S., we have men who will pick up your piece from the shop that made it, and blanket it, secure it in their trailer, and deliver to your home/office, and bring it inside to where you want it for one price. This cost of course depends on where you live. We have had great success with these men and how well they have interacted with our customers as if they were their customers too.

Shipping furniture is expensive. There is just no way to get around the fact……and there are plenty of stores out there with “deals” on shipping……but the truth of the matter is this; the cost of preparing, picking up, delivering a piece of furniture is really non negotiable. Labor costs, price of fuel, insurance, aren’t something you can put a “sale” on. So what some of our competitors do is to mark up the cost of the product to subsidize part of the shipping cost, and offer a shipping “deal”. What we try to do here at 4SF is to offer the product at a reasonable cost, and shipping as efficiently as practical. Let’s face it…..if you order a piece of furniture, and pay a large amount of money for it, the last thing you would want is to have a delivery service that is not top notch……  Ours are. They have a proven track record with us and we’ve grown to appreciate them a great deal.

No matter how hard we try to make your shopping experience a perfect one, from time to time, something goes wrong…..damage in shipment, or some sort of defect from the craftsman that somehow got through undetected;  we want to make it right. This is what gives a store like ours integrity, so making it right is most important to us. Please when something like this comes up, take a picture & send it to us right away. In the case of a damaged shipment, please make the driver aware if possible, or if not, don’t open, please take a picture (s) and let us deal with the shipper. If we need to reorder, we will do so at no cost to you, and you paid for shipping once… we will be responsible for the return back and forth.


We can cancel and refund up to 48 hours after the order has been placed… long as there has been no work done on the item. Sometimes we place an order with a shop, and they begin cutting parts right away… these cases, we cannot give a full refund. Also, if the item you ordered has already shipped, we don’t generally give refunds, but is determined on a case by case situation .

If you must return an item, if it is a stock item such as our Poly furniture, please understand that there are restocking charges and return shipping fees that would need to be deducted from a refund. Before any refund for Poly products can take place, we would need to have the product back in “new condition”, and verified by Luxcraft or Comfort Time that it was received in good order.  We cannot refund custom orders.

If there are any questions concerning any part of our shipping and return policies, please give us a call at 330-949-6183. Your suggestions are valuable to us as well and will be welcomed.