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Hinge Top Trash BIn

Classic Amish Style Trash bin with a hinged top. Notice the width of the apron around the top portion that is removed when emptying and replacing the liner.....wide enough to hide the plastic trash bags that so often hang out on many hinge top trash bins.
Manufacturer: Four Seasons Furnishing
SKU: HT-893-V&W

Choose one of our Oak, Hinge Top Trash Bins to take care of one of those necessary functions that every kitchen has......sometimes a Classic style is what is needed. If you think about it, simply raising the lid and depositing is probably less space consuming than a popular tilt out style. Everyone has a different taste when it comes right down to it, and when you consider that no matter the style, it is still a piece of kitchen furniture that though it hides that unattractive plastic bag, you want it to be something to make your kitchen area look great. Either one of these do just that. 

We offer any of our Ohio Certified Stains to hopefully match your decor, and we also offer this bin in a beautiful Mission Style for you to choose from.

This Oak Hinge Top Trash bin measures 28" high, 12" wide and 12" deep. (The top portion may be a couple inches wider and deeper)